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About FNMH

Beautiful modern design for

Karachi, Pakistan

FNMH was founded in 1997 to provide state-of-the-art architecture and interior design services for corporate and institutional buildings, retail, and residences. Since then, FNMH has developed a reputation of outstanding design for several landmark building projects and transformative retail interiors.


FNMH believes in attractive yet cost-effective design solutions. Good design must respond to functional needs, be climate-sensitive, and reflect the culture and context. Moreover, we at FNMH strive to design buildings and spaces that are really a pleasure to be in. 

Today, the FNMH core team includes two generations of architects and designers with deep experience in Pakistan and in cutting-edge international design hubs such as Shanghai, Paris and New York.


Our Core Team

Mukhtar Husain

Mukhtar Husain

Mukhtar is CEO and Principal Architect. He has been practicing architecture since 1973. Prior to founding FNMH in 1997, he was Head of the Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture and the Chief Architect at NESPAK, Pakistan's largest architecture firm.


Mukhtar is a prolific writer and commentator on the subject of architecture in Pakistan and the author of 100+1 Pakistani Architects and their Own Houses. One of his projects was nominated for the Aga Khan Award for Architecture in 2001. Mukhtar's projects span Pakistan, China, UAE, Turkey, and other locations.

Mukhtar holds B.Arch and M.Arch degrees from METU (Turkey) and a Certificate from Harvard/MIT.

Asma Husain Florencon

Asma Husain Florençon

Asma is Head of Interior Design and oversees all interior and retail transformation projects. She holds a BA in Art and Economics from Colby College (USA) and a M.Arch from Rice University (USA). Asma is based in Paris and works extensively on projects in Pakistan, China & France as well as other locations. 

Umair Ibrahim

Umair Ibrahim

Umair is Senior Architect and focuses on corporate and institutional buildings and interiors. He holds a BA in Economics from LUMS, a B.Arch from METU (Turkey) and a Masters in Urban Housing from the AA School of Architecture (London).

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