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Liberty Books

Liberty Books had been in the business of selling books and magazines for many years. This was mainly through a warehouse in Saddar, and small outlets in the lobbies of 5-star hotels in Karachi.

FNMH was engaged to design a new visual and brand identity and a flagship store at Park Towers. This was to be Liberty Books' first retail outlet for books, magazines, stationery and gift items in a modern shopping mall. This colourful and attractive design made Liberty Books an anchor store of the mall and led to great commercial success for the brand.

This brand identity served as a successful prototype design and template and was thus rolled out for several more of their bookstores by Liberty's management all over Karachi, and later in other cities.


FNMH has executed similar retail transformations for several other retail brands in Pakistan and other countries, enabling them to take their business to the next level.  


Retail design & branding concept


approx 10,000sqft at multiple locations


Rollout from 2000 onwards


Little Mee Retail Design

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