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Private Residence H

This residence was nominated for the prestigious Aga Khan Award for Architecture in 2001.


A split-level, 'modern cottage' style house with exposed concrete and brick cladding is wrapped around a courtyard and consists of three distinct spaces: an office and studio, a two bedroom apartment, and a three bedroom residence with multiple living spaces. A single staircase connects the three spaces. The larger of the three distinctive sloping roofs extends across the front, providing covered parking for two cars. 


Natural Climate Control and Extensive Use of Local Materials

The high ceilings and other natural climate control aspects of the house ensure that it remains a minimum of 10 degrees celsius cooler in the Karachi summers, and warmer in the mild winters, minimizing the use of airconditioning. The house is primarily furnished with natural, sustainable materials such as tropical bamboo, cane, and pine wood.

The landscaping of the front garden is another defining feature of this residence. In keeping with our philosophy of being climate-aware and designing for the local environment, we made extensive use of cactus and other local plants that can survive with little water.


Private Residence




Completed 1996


Residence M

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