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Private Residence M

This house is arranged around an internal court in the basement level, with a three-level
atrium above it. The entry level has the living, dining and kitchen to one side, and a
bedroom / living suite on the other.


There are four bedrooms at the upper level, and additional living and entertainment spaces in the basement. A light fiberglass roof provides shaded parking for 2-3 cars on the right, and there is a lawn and garden to the left of the entrance.

The house is clad in exposed pointed brick which respects and identifies various features of the house such as floor levels, window-sills and lintels. Plastered concrete painted gray provides a contrast to the brickwork. 

Natural Climate Control Features

The multilevel atrium provides a natural route for warm air inside the house to rise up and escape from upper-level windows. This natural movement of air prevents build-up of excessive heat, particularly on the upper floors and provides a comfortable interior temperature with minimum air-conditioning.

Additionally, most rooms open outward into a shaded verandah or balcony which protect the windows being exposed to the direct sun and further moderate glare and heat.


Private Residence




Completed 2012

Siddiqui Residence 1.jpg

Residence S

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