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Private Residence S

The location at the end of a cul-de-sac posed a design challenge which was translated into a dramatic curved cantilever at the upper level which gives the house a landmark identity on its street.

The house is built on three levels. The entrance is off a small verandah which overlooks a pavedfront court. The ground and basement levels are mostly common-use family areas andsupport facilities, while the upper floor has two self-contained two-bedroom/ livingsuites.

The house showcases our signature exposed concrete structure with brick cladding on selected wall panels is articulated on a grid.

Natural Climate Control and Privacy Features

The rooms at the upper level have balcony-like spaces but instead of the usual handrails we have provided a perforated brick-screen. This provides privacy, as well as natural climate control features.


Other screens on the outer face along the east and west allow the breeze to flow through, provide shade from the morning and afternoon sun, ensure privacy and security, create

a moderating influence in the buffer spaces on their inner side, and establish a distinct
identity for the house in its vicinity, and also beyond.

The roof is treated with shading tiles that prevent the upper-level rooms for heating up during the day, reducing air-conditioning load and improving comfort. 


Private Residence




Completed 2019


Residence H

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